Working as an artist for over a decade, I began with a burning desire to paint and no idea of what that looked like. Over the years I have dedicated myself to maturing as an artist and have come to my current, sustaining, yet ever-evolving style. 

Based in New York, NY, and having lived in Northern California for 16 years prior, I am endlessly inspired by the diverse flow of energy that I receive through my daily interactions with people (humanity) and the intersection of natural and humanmade landscapes in their rawest forms.  Since moving to the city in 2013, I have witnessed the urban aesthetics of NYC transform my work. And whether I am pulling inspiration from my former life in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada's or on the streets of New York, I seek to express the beauty, balance, and joy of life's unpredictability. 

Please view the Sensory Inspirations section of this website to gain access to some of how I receive the data that I then transfer into my work.

My fine wearable art became such in 2015 as I brought my work to the "canvas" of leather footwear.  On a whim, having a worn out pair of leather shoes ready for the donation bin, I painted them utilizing the same techniques as with my fine art paintings. Each time these shoes were worn, I received very positive feedback on their aesthetic and many people expressed interest in owning a pair. With many thanks to my supporters, I am now open for business, selling fine wearable art which currently includes high quality vintage footwear and a new line of leather earrings.

Stay tuned to see what else pops up!

I offer love and gratitude to all beings with an extra thanks to those who choose to support the arts and creative development.  Please contact me with any comments, thoughts, questions, etc. that pass through your mind.  I look forward to hearing from you!!

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