Static video from my most recent show at Chinatown Soup on Lower Eastside Manhattan. I ❤️ LES (during the day & early evening). The 4-day pop-up boutique and gallery was a success; met a lot of creative and heart filled people and happily showcased my fine wearable art.

Wow!  As anyone who has been following realizes, I am not very good at being consistent with my posts.  For those who know me personally, this consistency is similar to my habit of journal writing.  I intend to start being more present on here; starting NOW!

To back up a moment in time to um Late February 2016, this static video was shot at a large group show featuring a pair of my lovely heels.  BRIC is an incredible community-focused arts organization in Brooklyn, NY and a temporary home to many visual, performance, art, music, spoken word, and dance creative projects; bringing together Art and Activism at both the local level and global sphere.  I am honored to have been in this election year's OPEN (C)ALL: Up For Debate.  Thanks!!

Life does tend to come full circle (repetition and integration that works to create wholeness and wellbeing); sometimes in more subtle and others in more obvious ways.  This film is a concrete example of how my desires and life experiences converge in ways that offer a wholeness that allows adventure and joy to prevail no matter where the landscape.  Here I am taking advantage of the 2016 two foot + snowstorm in NYC to cross country ski on the beach at Coney Island.  The snow was buttery and allowed the skis to glide with ease.  It had been over 3 years since I had XC skied ~ what a magical day indeed!  All smiles all day.

Oh and I made the local news to boot: in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle